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Digital Resources from Carers UK

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Bracknell Forest Council has joined forces with national charity Carers UK to offer support to carers via an online platform that can be accessed 24/7. At a click of a mouse carers in Bracknell Forest have free, 24/7 access to the Digital Resource for Carers, an online environment that hosts a range of resources to help carers manage care and caring.

Carers in Bracknell Forest can access digital resources from Carers UK for free, please follow this link to create your account.


Jointly: the app for sharing care

Jointly works by enabling people to set up circles of care. Once a user sets up a Jointly circle they can invite as many people as they want to share the care with them at no additional cost. Alternatively, they can use Jointly on their own to organise the care around someone. All members of a Jointly circle can view the content posted on Jointly.

Jointly features:

  • Simple, intuitive group communication
  • Tasks allocation
  • Calendar
  • Profile page
  • Notes
  • Medication list
  • Contacts page


About Me: e-learning course

Topics covered include:

  • how to build up a network of help and support
  • how to find community resources
  • how to identify other areas of support, such as social services
  • how to find financial support such as benefits
  • what your rights are in the workplace
  • the advantages of using new technology to support you in your caring role
  • identifying the symptoms of stress and developing coping strategies
  • how to acknowledge and accept your feelings
  • tips for staying healthy
  • how to manage your time more effectively
  • how to develop strategies to help you to get all the sleep you need


Nutrition e-learning course

Carers UK has teamed up with Nutricia to develop this e-learning course, which aims to help carers understand the role of nutrition both for themselves and for the person they are looking after.

Topics covered include:

  • what is good nutrition
  • our nutritional needs throughout life
  • identifying and managing a nutritional gap in the person you care for
  • ensuring you as a carer are meeting your nutritional needs


Online resources for carers

The Upfront Guide to Caring is an online assessment tool that enables any carer visiting the Carers UK website to be directed to specific sections of the site for information relevant to their situation, and then produces a short action plan to help them plan next steps.

It is a simple way of ‘curating’ information, helping carers who are either new to caring, or seeking help for the first time, to find the right information quickly and easily and to receive additional signposting to support.

Looking after someone is a comprehensive guide to help carers navigate the maze of benefits and entitlements. From financial and practical support to technology and employment.

A self-advocacy guide for carers, Being Heard is an online toolkit providing information and techniques to help carers advocate for themselves.

It has a core guide which links to a range of ‘satellite’ resources designed to enable carers to take a deeper look at different techniques or aspects of self-advocacy.

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